The Creative Economy

The creative industries in Los Angeles are a major player in the regional economy, generating more than 640,000 jobs and over $200 billion in sales revenue. And the creative economy in Los Angeles goes far beyond our world-famous film and entertainment industries, encompassing a range of creative fields and disciplines that make L.A. the creative capital of the United States.

There are more artists, writers, filmmakers, actors, dancers and musicians living and working in LA than any other city at any other time in the history of civilization. With more than 1,000 annual theatrical productions and more than 800 museums and art galleries, arts and culture are a major driver of the regional economy and contribute to the exceptional quality of life found here.

Los Angeles also boasts internationally-renowned design, architecture, and advertising firms, and is one of the most important fashion industry centers in the world. With a vibrant prototyping and manufacturing sector, world-class art and design colleges providing talent and resources, and a local population that embraces new ideas, L.A. can turn creative concepts into reality like no place on earth.

The Creative Economy: Real Business

  • Creative industries are responsible for one in every eight jobs in the region.
  • The Eames Chair, Mickey Mouse, the Electric Guitar, and the Mazda Miata are just a few of the iconic creative products that were born in L.A.
  • LA County is home to nearly 11,000 establishments that serve the entertainment industry.
  • The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, directed by the Mayor, has created a Cultural Master Plan, a roadmap of strategies and tactics to strengthen L.A.'s future through creativity, diversity, and synergy.

A Sample of the Creative Economy Leaders Based in the City of Los Angeles

The Otis Creative Economy Report

  • Los Angeles-based art and design school Otis College commissions an annual report on the impact of the creative economy in the Los Angeles region. To download the most recent report, click here.
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