Office of Small Business

Photo Credit: John Paul Iacoangelo, LA Inc.


Los Angeles understands that small businesses are the backbone of the Los Angeles economy. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand, the Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce Development wants to help your business thrive.


BusinessSource Centers

The Los Angeles BusinessSource Centers provide startup ventures and current small business owners various cost effective tools to make their business a success.

  • Resource Finder
    • Use our Resource Finder to find over 150 organizations that provide assistance to small businesses in the City of Los Angeles.

Use the links below to find out more about resources and opportunities for small businesses. Or, click on one of the icons in the bar at left to get going on specific tasks for starting and growing your business.

  • Small Business Financing Guides
    • Many organizations offer loans and other funding opportunities to small business owners.
  • Hiring/Employment Resources
    • Finding qualified employees can boost productivity and profits for your small business.
  • Government Contracting/Procurement
    • Selling to local, state, and federal governments is a great way to grow your business
  • Small Business Support Organizations
    • There are many local, regional, state, and national organizations that can help you get your small business up and running, or help you grow and expand.
  • MBDA Business Center-Los Angeles (MBC-LA)
    • The MBC-LA assists eligible MBEs (which have agreed in writing to become a client) in successfully growing their businesses and competing in domestic and global markets by providing direct client assistance through client assessment, strategic business consulting, access to capital, and access to markets.