Business Inclusion Program                                       

2012 Annual Summary

In 2011, City departments began tracking contract awards as required by ED 14. Below are summaries of awards, by Department and Citywide. The data tracked for 2011 was limited to overall awards, both numbers and dollars, as well as awards to minority businesses and women businesses, both as primes and as subcontractors.

Beginning with the first quarter of 2012, City departments are tracking and reporting awards to non-profits, small business, emerging business, disabled veterans, and local business. Beginning in the third quarter of 2012, we will track awards to companies that have supplier diversity programs.

These summaries only report out new contracts awarded in 2012 - they do not include contracts that were amended. Please note that the amount awarded does not mean this is the amount that will be invoiced and paid this year.


2012 Award Summary by Department:


Aging, Department of Emergency Management Dept Police Department, Los Angeles
Airports, Los Angeles World Engineering, Bureau of PW/Sanitation
Animal Services, Dept of Ethics Commission, City PW/Street Lighting
Building and Safety, Dept of Finance, Office of PW/Street Services
City Administrative Officer Fire Dept, Los Angeles City Recreation & Parks, Department of
City Clerk General Services, Department of Transportation, Department of
Community Development Dept Harbor Department Water and Power, Department of
Contract Administration, Bureau of Housing Dept., Los Angeles Zoo, Los Angeles
Controller, Office of the Info. Technology Agency  
Convention Center, Los Angeles Library Department  
Cultural Affairs Dept Neighborhood Empowerment, Dept. of  
Disability, Dept on Personnel Department  
El Pueblo de Los Angeles Hist. Monument Planning Department, City