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The size of Los Angeles markets, the City's access to the world, breadth of resources, quality of the region's labor pool and the great climate, these are just some of the reasons why businesses of all sizes come here, stay here and thrive.

If L.A. County were a country, our economy would rank 24th in the world just behind Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Switzerland and in front of Austria, Taiwan, and Argentina.

L.A.'s economic strength stems from numerous factors, including the explosive growth of international trade between the U.S. and Asia, making Los Angeles America's #1 gateway to the global economy.


What We Do

  • Leverage the Mayor's leadership to raise Los Angeles global business profile
  • Enhance international trade opportunities for L.A.-based companies
  • Expand the city's role as a leader in international trade, entertainment, tourism, manufacturing,  clean technology, and professional services
  • Serve as the point of contact to foreign businesses wishing to expand their operations in Los Angeles
  • Assist foreign companies as they navigate through the City's regulatory system
  • Promote L.A. as an international trade hub, bridging Pacific Rim, Latin America, and the City's economies
  • Establish and maintain an international trade stakeholders network


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