Building A Better LA: Development Reform Strategic Plan

The $3.3 billion in construction approved in Los Angeles last year represents 23,500 construction jobs. We're cutting the red tape and rolling out the red carpet to create a better development review process for everyone.

Last year, Mayor Villaraigosa initiated comprehensive reform of the City's development services by calling for the examination of City processes and the identification of solutions that would create a more efficient, predictable, and transparent system- not just for developers and big business, but for everyone. The Development Reform Strategic Plan is the result of six months of intense collaboration between the Mayor's Office, consultants, management and staff from all of the departments involved in the development review process, industry professionals, and community stakeholders from across the City.

With these reforms and others outlined in the Strategic Plan, we are making Los Angeles the best place to live, work and visit.

  • Zoning Code Simplification and Comprehensive Zoning Code Reform. We are overhauling the City's antiquated zoning code to simplify the rules and bring the code in line with our 21st century vision for Los Angeles.
  • Updated Community Plans. We are completing updates of seven new Community Plans and building a framework for ongoing long range planning efforts. We are embracing a culture of good planning that ensures our policies are consistent with our goals and priorities for our communities.
  • Resolution of Conflicting Conditions. We are establishing a system for resolving interdepartmental conflicts that arise during the entitlement and permitting processes. Customers will receive detailed project conditions up front, and will no longer face delays that result from conflicting requirements.
  • Development Services Case Management. We have brought experienced staff from five key departments together in one office to provide comprehensive project navigation, facilitation, and problem-solving services.
  • Leading-Edge Technology. We are investing in new technology that will provide the public with greater transparency and enhanced access to project information, provide City staff with tools to help them work efficiently, and create a less paper-intensive review process.

More Information

If you would like to read more, please look at the Development Reform Strategic Plan or read the Executive Summary.

Development Services Case Management Office (DSCMO)

The Development Services Case Management office, comprised of Case Managers from Department of Building & Safety, Department of City Planning, Bureau of Engineering, Department of Transportation and LADWP, provides comprehensive assistance to complex projects as they navigate the City's development review process. This office has been successful for many projects in cutting in half the time it takes to get a building permit.

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How do I access case management?

Call: 213.482.6864


Restaurant and Hospitality Express

Launched in June 2010, the Restaurant and Hospitality Express program helps to simplify and streamline the process for opening new establishments. It has been successful in many cases in cutting the time it takes to permit a restaurant in Los Angeles from 12-18 months to 6-9. This program provides the following assistance to new restaurateurs and their design/construction team:

  • Assistance in navigating through the City's regulatory process.
  • Assistance in tracking and monitoring the work progress.
  • Facilitate in solving problems and resolving disputes.
  • Assistance in finding a path to facilitating the process insuring timely opening.

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